The second post

Yes, it’s official! Whisk&Knife is now live. Kudos to you for finding your way here, you must be among our first readers. Without being too unceremonious about the first real post, here’s a little preview of what might be in store in the near future:

How often do you crave deep fried food? I know I crave it at least once a week, and my arteries are not amused. More often than not, the craving of choice is deep fried chicken. But because fish and Fridays are a pairing of the centuries, Miss Whisk made me a good bunch full of chilli battered fish nuggets, all to go together with a serving of rice vermicelli and Chinese greens in a prawn broth. Golden and crisp, succulent and tender, I mowed my way through them and begged for a second serving. Have these dipped in Thai sweet chilli…





– K


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