Pot Racks


Don’t get me started on what I’d like my dream kitchen to be.

Throughly mesmerised by the endless pictures of perfectly arranged and custom-installed kitchens on Google Images and dwellinggawker, and that latest issue of IKEA, I find myself floating in and out of daydreams throughout the day, fantasising about the setup of my dream kitchen I long to acquire one day. Above and over my incessant desire to have an island right smack in the middle of my kitchen, a POT RACK is the latest addition to the very long list of Christmas wishes to Santa.


Because size and space is almost always the largest concern for small kitchens, pot racks have been – and always will be – the revolutionary solution to store your pots and pans. Furthermore, sieves, colanders and and chopping boards can go up there as well. Just like freshly laundered clothes, clean pots and pans need their hanging space to dry out well, as they prepare themselves for their next baking on the stove.


After all, more pots hanging up there means extra cupboard space for that new set of mixing bowls…

x, K

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