Katsu, katsu, katsu!


I might have said it before but I will say it again, that I have an absolute soft spot for deep fried chicken. I will eat it in the morning for breakfast. I will eat it at lunch and at dinner. I will eat it if you wake me up with some in the middle of the night.

While battered chicken is the deep fry of choice, breaded chicken done by way of the Japanese is always welcomed in my stomach. By Japanese, I mean using panko, which are Japanese breadcrumbs. Tossed in flour, then egg, and finally panko, this triple-step breading technique provides a flawless crispy skin around each morsel of chicken, sealing in all the moisture and juices once the nugget is deep fried. What emerges from the bubbling pool of heart-stopping liquid is gold itself. The Japanese call it カツ (katsu).

And for tonight’s dinner, because Miss W knows the Japanese Way of the Panko, we dig into KATSU CURRY DON! (Of course, whilst watching our current favourite anime. Hurray for TV dinners, hurhur.)


Remember, its the triple-step breading technique that’s the most important:

Because of the combination of wet and dry ingredients, breading can often lead to bread-clumped fingers (we don’t like that, really) so here’s a nifty little right-left-right-left technique that can really help! The right hand handles the wet ingredients and the left handles the dry. No mixing of wet and dry ingredients = non-clumpy fingers!

  1. Get all your breading ingredients ready- flour, beaten egg and panko, in three separate shallow dishes.
  2. Pick up the chicken with your right hand (wet)
  3. Dunk it into flour, coat it thoroughly and pick up with your left hand (dry)
  4. Drop floured chicken into the beaten egg, swish around, and pick it up with your right hand (wet)
  5. Finally, dress it up in a layer of panko, using your left hand to press the panko into the chicken. (dry)

Finally, deep fry them in hot oil, and take them out to cool and drain on kitchen towel once golden. Serve with rice, noodles, bread… anything! We had these with short-grained rice and japanese curry sauce.

Welcome to the Japanese Way of the Panko.

x, K


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