Fried Eggs

Cake, mayonnaise, meringue, hollandaise, battered chicken, omelettes and many other varieties of food will not be a possibility if not for one vital ingredient – egg. There have been countless times when Miss W and I are reminded unexpectedly of the value of the humble egg, when we want just a couple to have on toast, but have completely run out of them in the pantry. In those moments, it’s a blessing to have Tesco right below on the ground floor.

Fried Egg

Other than poaching, I think frying eggs are the next best way to allow the humble ingredient to bask in its complete glory. When done just right, I find myself marvelling at the crisp texture of the bronze edges, the bounce from the egg white and last but not least, the pure luxury of the golden yolk hitting the top of the palette.

Fried Egg

Here’s how we do our fried eggs at Whisk&Knife:

  1. Frying one egg at a time, use 1 tablespoon of veggie oil (any odourless oil is fine) for each egg. We know it sounds like a lot of oil, but trust us when we say it’s worth it.
  2. Get the oil really hot in a non-stick pan (We cannot emphasise the importance of this any further!)
  3. Then, crack in the egg low and slow. The purpose of doing this is so that the egg stays nice and small, which will give more height in the white. More height = more bounce in the crunch. The egg fries rapidly as soon as it hits the pan, so crack the egg in a small bowl beforehand, if you need to.
  4. Next, the most trying step – WAIT. Wait, for the base of the egg to fry and firm up. We know it’s ready once a lovely bronze crust forms slightly around the egg.
  5. Finally, by means of a spatula or your awesome pancake-flipping skills, flip the egg in one swift motion. Turn the heat off and count to 10, then slide it right off onto your plate. Repeat from the top for egg #2.

Tip: Try seasoning with light soy sauce instead of salt, and white pepper powder instead of ground black pepper. However, if you don’t have either, salt and black pepper will be more than okay. Have it in a sandwich, on steamed rice, with noodles, or on its own!


4 responses to “Fried Eggs

    • Yes! We couldn’t agree with you more; we think that rice is the best accompaniment for fried eggs done this way. A piece of nostalgia this is, recalling how our grandmothers cooked this for us when we were children.

      In any case, thanks for stumbling by, we’re always glad to hear from like-minded people like you. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon!


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