Messy Breakfast Sandwich

Here in London, sandwiches are probably the most common choice for food-on-the-go. But this doesn’t mean that sandwiches are only meant for those on-the-go. Every once in a while, I enjoy a hearty sandwich while sitting down, in the comfort of home.

Needless to say, ‘comfort of home’ is also synonymous with ‘eat-as-messily-as-I-want-and-no-one-will-judge-me’. On that note, this sandwich recipe is a indeed a grubby one. Your hands will get messy and the sandwich will fall apart. But that’s all part of the fun of eating it; picking up the pieces as you go along and most importantly, it’s finger lickin’ goodness!

Messy Breakfast Sandwich

The origin behind this creation is simple: I wanted my scrambled eggs, ham, mushrooms, cheese and toast all in my mouth in a single bite. And the best way I thought was to put it all into a sandwich. There’s probably no point in putting down how many eggs you should use and how much cheese you need to slice out; everything depends on how much of which you want in this baby. What’s important is the order of preparation:

  • 1 handful sliced mushrooms
  • 3-4 eggs
  • Butter
  • Cheddar
  • Cooked ham slices
  • Mint sauce
  1. Cook the mushrooms first. A small amount (about 1 tsp) of butter of a handful of sliced mushrooms. Fry briefly before adding a tablespoon of water and cooking the lot on a simmer. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Remove the mushrooms when done and into the same pot, crack in the eggs, together with several small bits of butter. Stir continuously till creamy. (Click here for more detailed instructions on making the perfect scrambled eggs.) Don’t forget the seasoning!
  3. When the eggs are almost done, pop the bread slices (here we used sourdough!) into the toaster for a light browning, not too crunchy.
  4. Then, lay the toast out and shave or slice Cheddar right onto the bottom slice of toast.
  5. Top with the mushrooms, then the cold cuts of ham. Followed by a spooning of mint sauce (or any other type of relish), and finally a good dollop of that creamy scrambled eggs. Put the hat on and pierce through with a skewer to hold it all in place.
It’s so messy, W didn’t have too much fun eating it. The taste, however, more than made up for the mess.

Here’s the fancy-schmancy printable recipe card!Breakfast Sandwich Card

x, K

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