Mini Chicken Nugget & Egg Sandwiches

Nugget Sandwich

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I really really like eating battered-fried chicken. And on days when I’m way too lazy to heat up entire pan of oil, make a batter and deep-fry, I settle for the convenient option. Thanks to frozen food companies, I have the convenient option of battered chicken nuggets. All that’s left to do with them after taking them out of the freezer, is popping them into an oven for 20 minutes. I am mildly ashamed to say, that amidst my principles about eating only real food, processed battered chicken is my guilty pleasure. Be it chicken nuggets, chicken steaks, chicken dinosaur-shaped kievs, I will eat them all!

Back to point, 20 minutes to crispy golden goodness. I like baking my frozen battered or breaded chicken pieces on a roasting rack (with a tray underneath) just so that they won’t get all soggy from sitting in a pool of their own juices. Maximising a nugget’s crispy potential is vital to this guilty indulgence; there’s no point in wasting the ‘real food’ demerit points on soggy un-crispy morsels of chicken wannabes.
While the nuggets are baking away, I assemble the rest of the sandwich fillings. I briskly scramble an egg, get the cap off the bottle of brown sauce, tear up the lettuce leaves and lightly toast the bread slices. Once the nuggets are done, everything is stacked into a sandwich quickly, before being eaten even more quickly.
Here’s how it’s done, in 21 minutes, flat.
Mini Chicken Nugget and Egg Sandwiches
(Makes 4 mini sandwiches)
  • 2 squares slices of a wholemeal loaf
  • 4 chicken nuggets
  • 1 egg
  • iceberg lettuce leaves
  • brown sauce (or mayonnaise)
  1. While the packet instructions say to preheat the oven, I usually don’t bother. Stick the nuggets into the oven and set the timer on for 20 minutes. I always cook more than necessary for the sandwiches, to snack on.
  2. Lightly toast some bread and let them cool to crispness in the toaster.
  3. Scramble or fry an egg in a pan.
  4. Tear up some lettuce leaves.
  5. Remove the cap off your bottle of brown sauce and wait for the nuggets to be done.
  6. Once they’re done, assemble everything in a single minute: bottom bread slice, brown sauce, egg, nuggets, lettuce and top bread slice. Skewer through the four quadrants with toothpicks and cut up the big sandwich into four mini ones.

Nugget Sandwich

Here’s the recipe card for your collection!

Nugget Sandwich Card


x, K


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