Salmon on Miso Broth

W really likes Japanese food. I’m sure lots of people do too. Thanks to the very amazing understanding of umami, the Japanese have managed to create dishes and flavours like nowhere else in the world. Miso for one, is a great contribution to the culinary world. This soy-based ingredient provides an elevated taste that surpasses the regular ‘sweet and salty’. So because Japanese food is so highly revered in the industry, and more because W enjoys Japanese food so very much, I take a break from the usual fare and try my hand at whipping up a Japanese-y treat.

Salmon on Miso Broth

Thanks to accessibility we have to fresh fish at reasonable value, I made a dish of seared salmon on shimeji mushrooms and nappa cabbage, in a broth of fish and miso, garnished with nori strips. I would think shimeji mushrooms could be substituted with chestnut mushrooms and nappa cabbage with roundhead/ sweetheart cabbage but sticking to the formers will mean more Japanese in this dish. Serve it with a side of plain noodles for a more filling meal, else this makes a good starter!

Seared fillet of salmon on shimeji mushrooms and nappa cabbage, in a broth of fish and miso, garnished with nori strips. 

Ingredients – Serves 2

  • 2 portions salmon, skin on
  • 1 big handful fish bones
  • 1 tbsp miso paste (this depends on strength and quality)
  • 150g Shimeji mushrooms
  • 1 handful cabbage leaves, shredded
  • Nori seaweed
  • Sea salt and white pepper powder, to season


  1. Get the fish bones and miso boiling away with enough water to cover the bones. Season lightly and reduce the liquid to a strong flavoursome broth.
  2. In a separate pot, using some of the boiling broth, cook the mushrooms and cabbage perfectly. Cook them so that they are just cooked, not overdone and soggy. When done, drain the cooking liquid back into the pot of boiling broth.
  3. In the meantime, prepare the Nori seaweed strips for garnishing and the salmon portions by salting them lightly.
  4. When the broth has properly reduced, taste and adjust the seasoning.
  5. Finally, get a pan nice and hot. Then pat dry the salmon portions and sear the fish skin side down. Once the fish is cooked to two thirds of the way up, flip it over and turn the heat off. Let it cook on the hot pan for about 10-15 seconds more before removing from the pan.
  6. To assemble, lay the mushrooms and cabbage in a mount in the centre of a bowl. Then sit the crispy seared salmon on top. Carefully ladle on the broth over the bottom, just so it barely touches the fish. Garnish with nori strips and serve.

Not quite sure if this blew W’s socks away but it definitely marks a new obsession with Miso.

And here’s the recipe card for downloading and printing!
Salmon Soup Card
x, K

3 responses to “Salmon on Miso Broth

    • Wow, that’s gonna taste so much better than ours! (: Sounds like maybe we need to start catching our own fish too? Heh, good luck!

      P.S. The photos on your website look amazing!


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