Fried Rice Paradise

I’m positive everyone has been acquainted with Egg Fried Rice at some point in their lives. It’s a staple of every Chinese takeaway shop since the advent of Chinese takeaway shops. But what makes it so good is its easy-to-eat, savoury goodness that pleases the stomach so well. The perfect lazy meal.

Fried Rice

The best part? Being able to add in practically anything to the fried rice mix. Oh, and I even get to chop up everything to small bits (which is such a joy!). On days when we’ve cooked too much rice the night before, or have weird little bits of leftovers from our sitr-fry dinners at the back of the fridge, making a fried rice meal is the solution – happy bellies: checked; clear out leftovers: checked.

There are a bunch of things that nail down a good fried rice. While it’s easy to make fried rice, it’s difficult to cook a really good one. Here are some pointers that I’ve come up from the many many many many fried rices I’ve stirred up:

  • Use overnight or chilled cooked rice as much as possible, in order to fry up a fluffy fried rice. The chilling process removes unnecessary moisture that freshly cooked rice has.
  • Use butter to fry as opposed to vegetable oil. Some elders I’ve spoken to swear by using lardons. I guess that works too.
  • Egg seems to be a big part of making fried rice taste yummy. So use egg! Fry the egg first before everything else. That way you’ll have the egg chunks just the way you like them.
  • Also, at least one kind of tasty meat ingredient is almost mandatory. It can be in the form of spam, bacon, frankfurters, roasted pork, corned beef, cured fish, salted fish, chorizo, etc. Just make sure to cut them into small pieces so you don’t overkill the saltiness. You can also use pre-marinated pork or chicken pieces.
  • Use vegetables! For texture and crunch and bite.
  • Season well. For good tasty fried rice, one mustn’t be afraid to use salt and/or soy sauce. And white pepper powder. Season, stir and taste. Repeat until satisfied.

And there you have it! Good tasty fried rice, with all your favourite ingredients, so easy and so yummy!


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