We’re Sociable Now!


If you didn’t already know, you can follow us on Pinterest, by using the link on the right side of this page. But we’ve got even more important news for you! After much persuasion and deliberation, we’ve finally gotten ourselves onto Instagram and Twitter. Yes, both Instagram and twitter at the same time! So follow us if you’d like to check out what we get up to behind and around the blog. We promise they will be filled with many many pictures of yummy food and hopefully even meal ideas, because we know that’s what you’re after. The more followers we get, the more we’ll post! Just don’t look at the photos after midnight! K does that all the time and has no choice but to whip up a hearty supper or else he won’t be able to sleep. It’s not surprising that all the late night feasting is taking a toll on his belly. Instead of a six-pack, he’s now got a whole keg!

So follow us at ‘whiskandknife’ or click here to be re-directed to our Instagram profile, and here for our Twitter page. Tag us if you’ve got a recipe to share or a photo if you’ve tried one of ours. See you around!

x, W&K


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