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Here at Whisk & Knife, we value the feedback and opinions of our stakeholders, who are readers like you. If you have an idea to share, a recipe to suggest or just a word of encouragement, drop a comment below, or email us at:

Currently, we’re also open to doing food product reviews, if they fit our agenda. If you have a food sample or larder ingredient that you’d like us to try out and review, contact us and we can work something out together.


7 responses to “Contact Us

  1. is there away you can put all the recipe together so we can print out just recipe and not the photos of doing it? I save recipes but don’t have space to save tons of extra paper due to photos.thanks


    • Hi Wanda,

      We understand that problem you have and are working towards putting the recipe together in a photo-free format. Check back soon and maybe we’d have then ready! Thank you!


      • Hi Wanda, We’re working on putting up print-friendly recipe cards up. But they’ll a while so if you’ll bear with us, we’ll have them all ready soon. We’ve started with our Chouquettes post, if you’d like to take a look. (:


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